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The Medusa Complex

Title: The Medusa Complex
Genre: Sci-fi
Language: English
Format: 7 x 48min
Description: The world has been ravaged by an air-born virus called the Medusa Complex, one which calcifies the bodies of all who are infected and turns them into ‘stone’. The virus is added a further layer of complexity by the fact that, while it is carried by caucasians, it is only fatal to other race groups.

It is is n this space that a mixed couple, ANT and CHANTEL, are forced to travel with their two children across the Nevada Desert in order to find the medicine that will keep the infected white father and bi-racial children undetectable so that they don’t infect their black mother. Their mission runs into trouble when Ant is placed in quarantine by a religious community surviving in the desert, their leader MARIA planning to exterminate him in order to protect her people from the disease that he is carrying in his veins. Chantel, on the other hand, is faced with the difficult task of rescuing her husband while also hiding their children from the community as they become increasingly infectious.

Writer: Brett Michael Innes
Director: Brett Michael Innes
Producers: Brett Michael Innes
Partners: tbc