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Title: Rand Club
Genre: Historical Thriller
Language: English
Format: 12 x 48min
Description: Southern Africa, 1932 After murdering his master and stealing his identity, an ambitious valet by the name of Henry uses his new found status to infiltrate the high-powered world of banking through his newly obtained membership at the Rand Club, an exclusive men’s club in the middle of Johannesburg. His operation runs into trouble when Phumulani, a lawyer forced by social limitations to work as a waiter at the club, discovers Henry’s lie and threatens to expose him. What could have been the end of the road for Henry ends up being his greatest opportunity and the two team up to use their collective knowledge to pursue wealth, sex and power within the colonial construct.

Running parallel to the historic events from 1 January 1932 to 31 December 1932, the club plays host to a variety of fictional characters as well as historical personalities whose actions ended up shaping the history of South Africa.

Writer: Brett Michael Innes
Producers: Brett Michael Innes, Mike Peterson, Lars Lehmann
Partners: 775 Media Corp, National Film & Video Foundation, Canada Media Fund, Alberta Media Fund, MNET.
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