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Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.58.13 PMThe Reggies Rush [t.b.a]

The Reggies Rush, a coming-of-age film about two young boys who are given the chance to do something every South African child in the 90’s dreamt of doing; participating in the Reggies Rush.

This nostalgic journey gives a fresh perspective on the year 1994, as seen through the eyes of children who had no reference to the politics or racism of the day. It’s a time of TV Games and waiting for Open Time, Simba Surprises and Jurassic Park, first love and first fights, Duck Tales and Lion King marbles. It looks at South Africa through the eyes of  innocent boys and reminds us that not everything from our past was bad.

Producer: Brett Michael Innes

Director: Brett Michael Innes

Screenplay: Brett Michael Innes

Cast: t.b.c.

Production Dates:  t.b.c.

South African Release: t.b.c.

Languages: English

The film is currently being developed with MNET and you can follow its journey on Facebook.