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Title: Ward 22
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Format: 5x 48min
Description: South Africa, 1970 – Dr Audrey Levine, a closeted orthodox Jewish psychologist trying to navigate the Apartheid system in South Africa, finds a unique place of safety for himself when he convinces the heads of the SA military that he has a cure for the ‘homosexuality that plagues the country’. Using his position as the chief doctor of the infamous Ward 22, he conducts aversion therapies like electro-shock treatment, hormone replacement and gender re-assignment on gay men and women, all the while hiding the fact that he is one of them and is, in essence, trying to find a ‘cure’ for himself.

Canada, 2000 – Dr Audrey Levine, now in his 60’s, has been living in Calgary with his wife Erica for 20 years, managing to escape judgement for the crimes that he committed in South Africa during the 80’s. He has finds work as a lecturer at the University of Calgary before becoming a state doctor at a correctional facility where he uses his position to molest some of the male prisoners. His world, however, is turned upside down when one of the prisoners manages to record the abuse and expose Dr Levine to the Canadian public in a trial that finally connected his present to the past.

Dr Levine is currently living in Calgary, CN and, despite only serving 2 years of his 5 year prison sentence for his crimes in Canada, has not been held accountable for the atrocities that he committed in South Africa.

Writer: Brett Michael Innes, Paulo Areal
Director: Brett Michael Innes, Paulo Areal
Producers: Paulo Areal, Brett Michael Innes
Partners: Tbc
IMDB page: Click to view